Eat Better. Feel Good.

Discover our honest whole foods.

Eat Better. Feel Good.

Discover our honest whole foods.


Gluten Free

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Why Scratch Pantry ?

At The Scratch Pantry, we are passionate about crafting premium sausages that redefine the standards of quality and flavor. As a dedicated producer of gluten-free, non-GMO, allergen-free sausages with no fillers or preservatives, we take pride in offering food service establishments the finest, health-conscious products that cater to diverse dietary needs.

Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Goodness

Our sausages are 100% gluten-free, ensuring customers can savor our products worry-free. Our sausages are free from common allergens, such as soy, dairy, nuts, and more.

Non-GMO and Preservative-Free

By carefully selecting non-GMO ingredients, we maintain the integrity and purity of our sausages, which are free from artificial fillers and preservatives.

Partnering with Food Service Establishments

Ground, links, rope, and crumble

Latest recipes

Creamy Chicken Sausage Skillet

20-25m | 174 Cals

Shrimp & Grits with Chicken Sausage

25-30m | 278 Cals

Chicken Sausage Pesto Pasta with Rapini

35-40m | 352 Cals

White Bean Soup with Kale & Chicken Sausage

15-20m | 247 Cals

Chicken Apple Sausage Sheet Pan

25-30m | 652 Cals

Italian Sausage & Kale Gnocchi Soup

15-20m | 247 Cals

Warm Apple and Chicken Sausage Salad with Rosemary and Toasted Hazelnuts

35-40m | 327 Cals

Savory Chicken Sausage and Vegetable Cobbler

15-20m | 247 Cals

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